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Avoiding Common Mistakes in Link-Building: A Comprehensive Guide

The art of link building is one that is hard to master, but we are quietly confident in our abilities here at Digitally Unique! Link building is a key component of SEO that can significantly impact your search engine ranking, which means that you want to get it right. Often, you will see marketers make the same mistakes when it comes to link-building campaigns. These mistakes could prove to be costly as they could stop you from reaching your potential online and, in turn, harm your bottom line. So, what are some of the most common errors to avoid?

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Focusing On Link Quantity

Perhaps the most common mistake is focusing on link quantity instead of quality. You certainly want a high number of backlinks to build website credibility, but you should prioritise high-quality links from relevant and authoritative websites. Focusing on quality over quantity will improve your search engine ranking and build your credibility. 

Using The Same Keyword

You also want to avoid using the same keyword repeatedly, as this can cause suspicion. Instead, using a mixture of branded anchor text, variations of your target keyword, and even naked URLs is smart. You should also vary the placement of anchor text in web content. This will look more natural and help strengthen your link-building efforts. 

Black Hat Techniques

We recently looked at black hat link-building techniques and why they should be avoided. It might seem tempting as results can be seen quickly, but it will cost in the long run as search engines penalise those who are caught using these techniques, and punishments can be severe, including banishment from search engine results pages - this can really make it hard to succeed in today’s internet-driven marketplace! 

Neglecting Internal Linking

You certainly want to obtain natural backlinks from authoritative sources, but you should not neglect internal linking. Not only does internal linking improve the navigation of your website and user experience, but it can also boost your SEO efforts and improve your ranking. 

Neglecting Relationship Building

Link acquisition is key, but we have found that the secret to success with link building is relationship building. Our outreach services involve identifying relevant and influential bloggers and influencers and building relationships with them over time. Link building is a long-term and ongoing digital marketing strategy, so positive relationships achieved through an effective blogger outreach campaign can make all the difference to your SEO results. 

Not Auditing Backlink Profile

Following this, it is important to perform a regular backlink profile audit. This allows you to identify and fix broken links, find new links, and remove any that are harmful or irrelevant. 

Link building is somewhat of an art form that many marketers struggle with. This is often due to the above mistakes, which can hamper your SEO efforts and stop you from reaching your potential online. This can have a significant impact on your success as a business, which is why you need to avoid these mistakes. Our link-building campaign will ensure the best results and help you build a strong presence online for your brand.

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Digitally Unique - Link building services UK


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