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Blogger Outreach Services

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Blogger Outreach Services for agencies and SEO's.

We create only natural, relevant links from real publishers. Guaranteed 100% unique content, we will deliver links that will boost your website's rankings.

Take a look below to find the perfect package that suits your budget. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to advise you of the best solution for your website.

Choose our approval or non-approval service.  BOTH come with content approval as standard!

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What is Blogger Outreach

In a day and age where content is king, it is vital that your brand is able to stand out in a competitive marketplace and get noticed. Blogger outreach is a key part of developing a strong online presence, and at Digitally Unique, we are experts at blogger outreach and committed to helping you improve your online authority and visibility for your brand through our link building services.


So, what exactly is blogger outreach? This is a practice that involves identifying and reaching out to bloggers, social media influencers, and other notable content creators to form partnerships and get your content noticed by your target market.


By forming a long-term strategic partnership with an influential figure in your marketplace, you can leverage the reach and authenticity of these individuals and organisations to promote your business.

The Key to Success!

The key to success with blogger outreach is identifying the right bloggers and influencers. Obviously, you want to find those with large followings to increase brand awareness, but you also need to find the right blog owners who have an audience built up of your target market.


We know how to identify the right blog owners for your specific brand and can create a network of bloggers that will both increase brand awareness and improve brand credibility. When this is combined with high-quality content, it can take your SEO marketing campaign to new heights.


We understand that every client has different digital marketing needs and budgets, so we offer both an approval and non-approval blogger outreach service. If you choose the approval service, you get to pre-approve our list of publishers before moving to the content stage.

How our Blogger Outreach Service Works

Blogger outreach UK, Link Building UK and USA
"We are an experienced link building company that offers unique and creative services to boost your websites performance"
Link Building at its best!

Why Choose Us?

Link building services UK

Real Publishers

To keep us ahead of the game, we run constant in-house outreach to guarantee that we can sustain a long- term relationship.  


All our publishers are researched fully to ensure they meet the required metrics.

Digitally Unique Ltd we check your backlinks

We Check Your Backlinks

No need to worry about building backlinks that have already been created by another Company!


Our team will produce a full report to ensure this never happens.

Link building services Digitally Unique Ltd

Real Traffic

SEM Rush and Ahrefs traffic scores are used, depending on your requirements.

Creating a great link from a highly visited website is key!

Digitally Unique Ltd Full communication

Full Communication

You will be allocated a dedicated, fully experienced, Project Manager who will look after you from start to finish.

Digitally Unique Ltd Link building services

Fast Turnaround

Do you need an order fast-tracked? 


Contact us with the details, and we let you know the quickest turnaround available.

Digitally Unikque Ltd   we love building links

We Love Building Links!

We do exactly what it says on the tin!  Let us take the reins so that we can reduce your workload.

What is Link Building and How it Works

Link building services UK - What is link building and how it works

Link building is an essential requirement for anyone looking to rank higher on our old friend, Google. Links (also known as backlinks or hyperlinks) are simply a connection between two webpages.

Search engines use a method called Crawling. This is the process when search engines send out a team of robots (also known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content. This could come in a number of formats, i.e., Images, videos, or your webpage. This is how content is discovered, by links. 

What is a search engine index?

Indexing is how search engines organise the information before a search. Hunting through each page for keywords and topics would be an extremely slow method for search engines to recognise relevant information. So once Indexed, this enables the search engine to respond to our queries in super-fast time.

Link building services UK

Crucial factors when link building

Despite the process sounding simple enough, there are several components that will determine how beneficial your link building turns out to be.

Link building services UK

Crucial factors to remember when link building

Links vary in quality, and it is a number one priority to ensure you build first-rate links that will have an influence in your search engine rankings over time. Links from certain websites are worth more than others. For example, backlinks coming from an authoritative website in your topic is worth significantly more than a link from a spammy site. Also, linking from spammy sites will more than likely penalize your website and we don´t want to do that, do we! Inadequate link building is a definite thumbs down here at Digitally Unique.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is, putting it simply, words that link to another document or website. Anchor text can provide both search engines and us as users, relevant information about the content of the link's destination.

The generic anchor doesn’t include any text accrediting a keyword. It is basically a straightforward CTA
The naked link text is just as it is pasted into the copy from the browser bait and is clickable
This anchor is your brand name
Exact Match
Include the precise keyword the page you are linking to is targeting
To include the keyword given in a natural, relevant phrasing

There are several aspects to explore when choosing your anchor text, but three of the main points are:

  • Relevancy to the page you are linking too.

  • Low keyword density (not overly keyword-heavy)

  • Analyse your competition

The foundation of a great backlink is to create high-quality content that people genuinely want to read. If you can provide interesting and engaging content, people will naturally link to it. It’s essential!

If you are a beginner in this wonderful world of link building, head over to our blog to read our free online guides.

Content is King - Link building services UK
  • Can I see the websites before I order with you?
    We are more than happy to show you the type of publishers that we feel are relevant to your niche before you order.
  • How do I avoid creating backlinks I have already built in the past?
    For all our clients, we create a backlink analysis report to ensure that this is not the case. We call this the blacklist, and our team will ensure that no publishers are used twice.
  • What reporting system is there?
    Your Account Manager will provide you with a google sheet which will be updated with the live links daily. Once the order is complete, we will also send you an excel for confirmation. Other reporting systems are also available to suit your needs.
  • I would like to look at the international link building. What countries do you cover?
    We cover the following Countries: France, Spain, Germany, Nordic Region, Italy, Russia, If the country is not here that you need, just call us and we can discuss our personal outreach for you.
  • With regards to the content, can I have topic approval first?"
    Yes this will not be a problem at all on the approval service.
  • How long are my links live for?
    After 7 years of creating links, we would say that 98% stay live permanently. There are occasions that they may be taken down after 1 year, however, this is not normal.
  • Are the metrics we require flexible?
    Yes! Just let us know what you need and we will work out a personal plan for you.
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