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Maximising Link Equity - Advanced Techniques For Internal Link-Building

In order to boost your SEO efforts and improve your search engine ranking, you need to maximise link equity. Essentially, this is the value passed from one website to another via hyperlinks. You can maximise link equity with advanced internal link-building techniques. There are a handful of techniques that can be used to improve your website’s ranking and online visibility, in turn, increasing brand awareness and organic traffic to your site. Interested? Keep reading to learn about advanced techniques for internal link building. 

Maximising Link Equity - Advanced Techniques For Internal Link-Building

Descriptive Anchor Text

One of the most effective internal link-building techniques is using descriptive anchor text rather than generic terms, such as “click here.” Descriptive anchor text allows search engines to better understand the context of the linked page, helping to boost link equity. However, make sure you avoid over-optimised anchor text, as this can be deemed spam and harm your SEO efforts.

Contextual Linking

You should also embed contextual internal links within content rather than just having a list of related articles at the end of the content. This is effective because it distributes link equity while improving the user experience by providing relevant resources within the content. 

Hierarchy & Silo Structure

In terms of website structure, you should organise your content into hierarchies and silos based on relevant categories. When each category or topic has a page dedicated as a hub for relevant content, you can use internal linking to connect content within a silo. This reinforces topical relevance while distributing link equity. 

Hub Page & Pillar Content

Another internal link-building strategy that can maximise link equity is creating hub pages and pillar content. These are forms of content that are authoritative, such as resource centres or comprehensive guides. You can then insert internal links to relevant articles or subtopics to improve link equity and demonstrate your expertise on the topic. 

Schema Markup

You should also implement scheme markup as a way to provide structured data about your internal links to search engines. This will help search engines to understand the relationship between different internal pages on your website, in turn, improving the visibility of your internal pages in SERPs. 

Link Audits

As with all areas of SEO optimisation, ongoing monitoring is key for fine-tuning and maximising your internal link-building efforts. This should be achieved with regular internal link audits to identify and fix any issues that arise with your internal link profile. You should look for pages with either too many or too few internal links, broken links, and orphaned pages (pages with no internal links pointing to them). 

These are all advanced internal link-building techniques that can maximise link equity and improve your search engine ranking. Link equity is a key factor in SEO, as search engines see links as votes of confidence. High-quality internal links can improve your website’s credibility while improving website usability for your visitors. Hopefully, this post will help you maximise link equity to improve your ranking and increase organic traffic to your site.

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