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Link-Building Beyond Guest Posting

Link-building is a key component of SEO that helps brands improve their search engine ranking by acquiring backlinks from high-quality publishers online. Link-building is highly effective as it shows to search engines that your website is credible while also improving your brand reputation with your target audience. Guest posting is one of the primary link-building strategies, but you should know that there are alternative link-building methods you can use. This post will explore guest posting alternatives that you can use to maximise your link-building efforts and improve your search engine ranking. 

Link-Building Beyond Guest Posting

Influencer Marketing

It is similar to guest posting, but influencer marketing is a great alternative link-building strategy that can be highly effective in today’s day and age. Influencer marketing has become one of the most prominent digital marketing strategies right now, with consumers relying heavily on social media influencers to recommend brands and products/services. You want to identify a relevant influencer to create engaging content with a backlink to your website to improve your search engine ranking while appealing to your target audience. 

Broken Link Building

Another effective alternative link-building strategy is broken link-building. Website content often contains broken links, so you want to monitor popular websites within your niche and look for links that do not work. You can then contact the site owner and offer your own content or link as a replacement.

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a clever technique that can help you climb above the competition in the search engine results lists. Essentially, this is the process of finding content on a website frequented by your target market that could be improved. You want to create high-quality, engaging content with facts, quotes, and media that will be an upgrade on the existing content and then suggest to the website owner that they link to your content instead. 


It always pays to have strong professional relationships with local journalists and those reporting on your niche. They can then come to you for expert opinions, which will help you reach a large audience, demonstrate your expertise, and earn backlinks from credible sources. You can also generate your own newsworthy content or press releases that are distributed to local and relevant outlets for backlinks. 

Online Forum Engagement

You can also engage in niche online forums as a way to acquire natural backlinks from other users. The key is to avoid being overly promotional and instead use the online forums to engage your target audience and showcase your expertise. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the best guest posting alternatives. You can improve your local search engine ranking while ensuring that the information online about your business is accurate. This is the process of filling out the Google My Business profile and making sure local directories have accurate and up-to-date information about your business. 

These are a few of the best alternative link-building strategies that will improve your search engine ranking. Guest posting is a critical part of link-building, but you want to utilise alternative backlink strategies that will boost your backlink profile and help you climb the search engine results pages. 

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