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Link-Building For Lawyers: 10 Strategies To Help Win In SERPs

In order to achieve success as a lawyer or law firm, you need to have a strong position on search engine results pages (SERPs). When people require the services of a lawyer, they will often first turn to search engines and use one of the top-ranked websites. It is also incredibly competitive on search engines, with every lawyer and law firm battling for position. You can improve your search engine ranking with link-building, which is the process of acquiring links from reputable online sources to your own website to improve your credibility in the eyes of search engines. So, what are the ten best link-building strategies to help you win in SERPs?

SEO for Lawyers

1. Keyword Research

First, you need to conduct keyword research. You need to identify the words and phrases used by people when searching for legal services that you can provide. This will help you understand the intent of their searches, which can be useful when it comes to content creation as it will give you ideas for topics and issues that your target audience has. Additionally, you can identify keywords to use naturally in your content to improve your search engine ranking. 

2. Valuable Content Creation

Following this, content creation is a critical component of link building. When it comes to link-building for lawyers, you need to create content that your target audience will find valuable. If you are a divorce lawyer, for example, then this could include practical tips for going through divorce, questions to common divorce questions, and any recent developments in this field. You want to make sure that this content is engaging, valuable, accurate, and optimised for SEO. This is why it is a good idea to use premium writing services that will elevate your content and captivate your target audience. Additionally, it is a good idea to mix things up with different content formats. This could include:

  • Blog posts

  • Slideshows

  • Infographics

  • Animations

  • Videos

  • Podcasts

3. Creating Resources

You should also create in-depth resources that will naturally attract backlinks. Research papers, case studies, white papers, and guides can all be valuable content that will attract organic backlinks from websites seeking authoritative sources. 

4. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine ranking. Essentially, this involves performing blogger outreach to identify popular legal blogs and publications popular within your niche. You then need to form a partnership and create high-quality content containing a backlink to your website for their blog. This will improve your site's credibility and help you reach a much larger audience. You should also make sure that you manage these relationships over time so that they can be used over the long term. 

5. Influencer Marketing

Similarly, influencer marketing is an excellent way to boost your ranking while improving brand awareness and credibility. You want to partner with influential social media figures within the legal community, such as industry experts. You also want to make sure that they create engaging and useful content that will lead to backlinks to your website. 

6. Offering Expert Opinions

Offering your expert opinions is a great strategy for link-building in the legal industry. Journalists, bloggers, and other publishers are always creating legal content that requires specialist knowledge. By offering your expertise to publishers, you can obtain backlinks from trusted sources like news websites (this can significantly boost your ranking). 

7. Participating In Online Discussions

It is also a good idea to be active in online legal communities. You do not want to be overly promotional about your services in these communities, but providing your expert insight can help improve your reputation and attract backlinks from trusted sources. 

8. Leveraging Local SEO

Keep in mind that you will want to find clients in your local area, so you also need to leverage SEO to ensure that you are easy to find by people searching for your services in your area. This is known as local SEO, which can include setting up your Google My Business profile and making sure that your company data is accurate in various directories, including Yelp and Bing Places. This will improve your search engine ranking and should help you acquire new local clients. 

9. Listing In Legal Directories

You can also improve your ranking on SERPs by listing your law firm in various legal directories. There are all kinds of legal directories that list lawyers and law firms, such as FindLaw, Avvo, and Martindale-Hubbell. This is worthwhile because it will improve your visibility and increase brand awareness, as these directories are used heavily by those seeking legal information and support. Additionally, you are automatically generating backlinks to your company website from a highly authoritative source, which will boost your ranking and help you increase organic traffic to your website. 

10. Competitor Backlink Analysis

As with any business strategy, you should always keep an eye on your competition. It is wise to monitor competitor backlinks so that you can find new link-building opportunities. You can also find the websites linking to your competitors and offer your own better version of the content they provide (this is an effective technique known as the skyscraper technique). You can perform competitive backlink analysis with tools like SEMrush and Moz, which will show you all of the websites that link to your competitors. 

These are 10 of the best strategies for lawyers to use to improve search engine ranking. Layers and law firms are all vying for position on SERPs, which can make it hard to succeed. People rely heavily on search engines when searching for legal services, so it is vital that you have a strong presence on SERPs to benefit from organic traffic. By combining these strategies together, you can climb the SERPs and leapfrog the competition. This could make a big difference to your success as a lawyer as you will increase organic traffic, improve brand awareness, and position yourself as an authoritative source within your niche. 

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