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Link Building In The Age Of Mobile: Optimising For Mobile-Friendly Backlinks

Did you know that over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile these days? In today’s mobile-first world, businesses need to be smart when it comes to digital marketing. It is vital that you have a strong online presence to stand out and attract your target audience, but you must also be optimised for mobile. SEO is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, and link-building is a key component of this, so it is vital that you are aware of how to optimise for mobile-friendly backlinks. This post will show you how you can perform link-building for mobile optimisation in 2024.

Optimising For Mobile-Friendly Backlinks

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

First, you must make sure that you are creating mobile-friendly content. This can be achieved by using fonts that are easy to read, properly formatted images, and responsive design. This will all make it easy for users to read your content and help attract mobile-friendly backlinks.

Optimise Website For Mobile

Following this, you must also make sure that your entire website is optimised for mobile. With over half of traffic coming from mobile these days, you need to provide a smooth user experience. It should be easy for mobile users to access and navigate your website on any device, so you should focus on optimising your entire website for mobile.

Improve Loading Speed

Similarly, loading speed is hugely important. People will not wait around for your content to load on a mobile device, so you need to take action to improve loading speeds. This can be achieved with Accelerated Mobiles Pages (AMP), which is a Google-backed initiative that allows web pages to load almost instantly on mobile devices. This can greatly improve the user experience, in turn improving your search engine ranking. 

Find Mobile-Friendly Bloggers

In terms of building your backlink profile, you want to find bloggers and publishers with mobile-friendly websites and platforms. Backlinks from places like this will improve your search engine ranking and ensure that audiences can engage with your content. This is why you want to use blogger outreach services and find those with reputable and mobile-friendly websites and apps. 

Use Mobile-Friendly Anchor Text

Anchor text is always an important decision in the link-building process. When it comes to acquiring mobile-friendly backlinks, you want to choose anchor text that is concise (just a few words) and easy to touch on a small screen. The anchor text should also be placed somewhere that will be easy for users to interact with. 

Test & Monitoring

As with all aspects of SEO, you need to test and monitor your link-building campaigns so that you can adjust and fine-tune for higher levels of success. This can include testing your website’s mobile compatibility with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, as well as looking at website analytics, mobile search rankings, and backlink analysis.

In today’s mobile-driven internet marketplace, brands need to use mobile link-building strategies to improve their search engine ranking. The above are a few of the key areas to focus on to acquire mobile-friendly backlinks and improve your website visibility. 

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