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How Gymshark Leveraged Influencer Marketing to have a reported net worth of 1.45 billion

Have you noticed a lot of Gymshark clothing when out in public? Gymshark has become one of the most popular exercise clothing brands in recent times, and it is not just in gyms where you will find people of all ages and genders wearing their clothing. The clothing brand now has a reported net worth of an eye-watering £1.45 billion, but it originally started as 20-year-old pizza driver Ben Francis’ dropshipping store run from his parent’s garage. So, how exactly did Gymshark become the fastest-growing company in the UK? There are a few factors at play, but intelligent usage of influencer marketing is a significant factor.

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Fitness Influencers

Gymshark was founded in 2021 by school friends Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan. To get the brand name out there, the duo smartly recruited prominent fitness influencers and bodybuilders, including Lex Griffin and Nikki Blackketter. This means they were an early adopter of influencer marketing and remain one of the best examples of its efficacy.

Leveraging The Reach Of Social Media

Gymshark managed to quickly build up an enormous online following thanks to the usage of fitness influencers (6.4 million on Instagram at the time of writing). Essentially, these influencers became brand ambassadors and would create engaging content for their followers featuring Gymshark clothing. In addition to helping the brand very quickly reach a large global audience, it also enabled them to build credibility as the influencers were known for their authenticity.

Community Building

With an increasing number of influencers recommending Gymshark products, a snowball effect developed, enabling the brand to become more than just a fitness clothing brand. Gymshark is now seen as a community for fitness enthusiasts, with social media channels allowing people to engage with one another and create their own content (UGC) featuring Gymshark clothing. This is highly effective in this industry as people can share fitness tips, ask questions, share progress, and find motivation.

What Lessons Can Brands Learn?

The meteoric Gymshark rise is one of the most exciting business stories in the UK in the 21st century. So, what lessons can be learned from the incredible success of Gymshark? There are a few key lessons that all businesses can learn:

Create Quality Products

Gymshark could only form partnerships with influencers because they were making high-quality fitness clothing. Without this, it will be tough to bring people on board.

Identify Relevant Influencer

Gymshark got off the ground by identifying relevant influencers that allowed them to leverage their credibility to build their own authenticity. Every brand needs to take the time to find influencers that will be a smart fit and not get blinded by the number of followers. Additionally, choose influencers that create high-quality, engaging, and valuable content for their followers.

Foster A Sense Of Community

Gymshark grew exponentially by fostering a sense of community on social media. You want to encourage followers to engage with content and create their own content to increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty.

Gymshark’s evolution from a garage dropshipping business to a £1.45 billion global brand will catch the eye of any business owner. Influencer marketing is one of the key factors behind this astonishing growth, and there are a number of key lessons to learn from their success.

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