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Content Marketing Metrics: Measuring Success & Driving Performance

Content marketing is at the heart of digital marketing in today's internet-driven marketplace. Every brand needs to produce high-quality content that will strengthen their presence online, demonstrate their expertise, and engage their target audience, but there is a lot more to content marketing than this. Brands must also measure the success of their content efforts to find ways to improve and achieve their digital marketing goals. This post will look at a few of the key content marketing metrics that can help brands with their performance measurement. Keep reading to find out more.

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Website Traffic

One of the key KPIs in content marketing is website traffic. Ultimately, content marketing is about increasing traffic to your website so that you can attract new customers and achieve success. Therefore, you want to measure the success of your content by looking at total visits, unique visitors, and page views.

Conversion Rate

Following this, it is not much help getting traffic to your website if you fail to convert visitors into customers. This is why you must also look at conversion rates to determine how effective your content is at winning over new customers. 

Lead Generation

You certainly want to improve your conversion rates with content marketing, but lead generation is also important. You want to attract and capture potential leads to build a pool of prospects to convert at a later date, and content marketing is pivotal in this process. You can look at a few metrics for lead generation, including email subscriptions, form submissions, social media follows, and gated content downloads. 

Engagement Metrics

These days, users are bombarded with content online. You want to make sure that your content engages your target audience, so you must be looking at key engagement metrics to ensure that your content is captivating. A few KPIs you will want to assess for performance measurement include time spent on page, bounce rate, social media likes, shares, and comments. If you are struggling to engage your audience with content, you might want to consider using premium writing services.

SEO Performance

Often, content marketing is primarily used to improve search engine ranking SEO. This is why you need to analyse various SEO metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your content marketing as well as link-building efforts. A few of the main metrics to assess include keyword rankings, organic traffic, and backlink profiles. 

Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)

Of course, performance measurement must also look at the financials. Success in content marketing must be cost-effective, so you want to look at cost-per-acquisition to ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment. You can work out your CPA by dividing total content marketing spend by the number of conversions generated by your campaign. 

Content marketing is the foundation of digital marketing, but brands must do much more than simply produce high-quality content. You must also look at the above content marketing metrics to assess the performance of your content so that you can fine-tune and adjust for higher levels of success.

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