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Content Gap Analysis: Uncovering Opportunities For Content Improvement

Content is the foundation of digital marketing - there is a reason why the saying “content is king” has remained true for such a long time! Brands must create a stream of high-quality and engaging content for their target audience to improve their online visibility, but this is easier said than done. Many brands create content but find that it does not help them achieve their marketing goals. In these situations, content gap analysis is an essential process. Content gap analysis involves identifying the areas where existing content is lacking and uncovering new ideas for content that will deliver results. This post will take you through the main steps involved in content gap analysis. 

Content Gap Analysis: Uncovering Opportunities For Content Improvement

Define Objectives

First, you need to determine your objectives from content gap analysis. You should work out what is going wrong with your existing content so that you know what you need to achieve. As a few ideas, this could be improving engagement, driving more traffic, or boosting search engine ranking

Audit Content

Next, you should audit your existing content. You should evaluate every single piece of content you have (this can take a while), assessing the relevancy for your target audience, engagement metrics, quality, and alignment with your objectives. 

Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is another essential step in content gap analysis. This will help you discover the words and topics relevant to your target audience, which should provide you with ideas for new content. In particular, you want to pay attention to keywords with high search volume and low competition - this is the sweet spot for high-performance content. 

Analyse The Competition

Leading on from this, competitive analysis is another crucial step in content gap analysis. If you want your content to stand out from the crowd and engage your target audience, you need to look at the topics your competitors are writing about and find gaps to fill. Of course, this is not always easy, but you can find a fresh angle or a more modern take on a topic as content can quickly become dated (most things written pre-COVID now are dated as so much has changed). 

Identify Content Gaps

With all of the above, you should then be able to identify content gaps to fill and achieve your objectives. You should look at the topics and keywords you have discovered along with your content and your competitor’s content to find new topics to cover. You can then create a new content strategy based on this analysis and get to work filling the content gaps and performing existing content optimization.


It is then a case of monitoring your new content using analytics tools. You will want to pay close attention to traffic, engagement, and conversions to assess the performance of your new content and ensure that it is engaging your audience and helping you achieve your objectives.

A content gap analysis is an essential process for any brand to go through, especially if your existing content is not helping you achieve your online goals. This process will help you fill any gaps, discover new opportunities, and find ways to engage your target audience online. 

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