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10 Top Trends That Will Impact Marketing in 2022

Covid changed the world fundamentally and all businesses have had to find ways to adapt. This has increased the digitalisation of many aspects of business-customer interactions. Now that lockdown restrictions have eased somewhat, companies are continuing with some of these new practices due to their proven effectiveness. What is working for marketing that will be carried forward to 2022?

Link building services UK - 10 Top Trends That Will Impact Marketing in 2022

1. Mobile-friendly Marketing

Over 50% of online website traffic takes place on mobile phones. All media should be designed with these users in mind. Investments in mobile marketing in 2022 have been planned by 84% of businesses.

2. Influencer Marketing

Globally, a third of marketing professionals named influencer marketing as their most successful strategy. A further 46% of companies are planning to increase their marketing budget for this trend. It has been cited as the top market strategy for increasing ROI (return on investment). Influencer marketing is set to become a standard business practice.

Micro-influencers may be more influential than macro-influencers, despite their smaller number of followers, due to their deeper engagement with audiences.

3. Permanent Versus Ephemeral Social Media Content

Permanent social media content reinforces brand awareness. 44% of marketing departments intend to increase their spending on permanent content, of which almost ten percent found enhanced ROI, while a quarter found ephemeral content ineffective and 37% aim to reduce their use of the latter.

If the social media platform accepts permanent content and it is supported by user behaviour, it makes sense to transfer the budget from ephemeral to permanent content.

4. Short-form Video Content

Almost 90% of marketers around the world intend to use or continue exploiting short-form videos. It has helped to generate interest in TikTok and many other companies because the attention span of online audiences shifts rapidly.

5. Live Content On Social Media

Altogether, 59% of marketers using live video and 68% utilising live audio found that it was the most effective strategy on social media. Of those who opt for live audio, 96% will be spending the same or an increased budget on it.

Audiences want content they can relate to that is authentic. Interactive aspects, such as hand-raise features, squeeze even more juice from live content.

6. SEO

SEO spend will be increased or maintained by 84% of companies who make use of it, which is about 28% of marketers globally. Companies are hiring experts to help them maximise its potential.

7. Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing dwindled during lockdown but is making a comeback in 2022. It delivered on its potential according to 58% of those who used it, with 48% going bigger this year and 9% aiming to try it for the first time.

8. Inbound Marketing

In 2021, the quality of inbound marketing improved with companies hiring film directors and photographers who could produce a professional product with attractive backgrounds and graphics. In 2022, it will become a focal point in the budgets of 11% of marketers, and 27% will be trying it out as a new strategy.

9. Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing was a stalwart for 62% of marketers. In 2022, another third will embark on it for the first time.

10. Social Responsibility

While social responsibility does not directly drive sales, it affects the way a company is viewed by consumers, in particular the upcoming generations who are well versed in topics such as global warming. Research has suggested that brands that support the environment, employees, and consumers will be preferred.

The results obtained in 2021 have largely influenced trends for 2022.

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