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5 of the Best Examples of Mobile Website Design

Best Mobile website designs from Digitally Unique.  Link building services UK

It has never been more important than it is today for businesses to focus on creating a great mobile website experience for their visitors. Since 2015, Google has been favouring responsive websites, and there have been more searches performed on mobile devices compared to desktop browsers for several years. It is expected that Google and other search engines are only going to continue adding more on to what they consider to be mobile-friendly, which is why it is so important for companies to continue focusing on improving their mobile experience. Here are five examples of some companies with excellent mobile web design.

Google Maps

The mobile website for Google Maps offers the same visuals, performance, and functionality as the mobile app. It is not only identical in appearance to the app, but has the same speed and functionality, making it just as easy to use.

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Popular online marketplace Etsy offers both an app and a mobile website. Most visitors to this website are either going to be browsing through items in categories that they are interested in or searching for a specific item to buy. The mobile site works since it pushes the most important features to visitors such as item categories, a site-wide search function, and trending products. It ensures that both types of visitors can easily find what they need from the very start. Users visiting on mobile can easily view the trending items in a collage format with images that are not so large they clutter the screen, but large enough to easily tap.


BuzzFeed makes sure that mobile users are catered to with a web design that directs them to topics they are interested in. This site is known for viral content and fun quizzes and is popular with mobile users. When you visit the mobile website, you first see popular content in a simple collage format with large images that are easy to tap. The menu at the top is easy to access on mobile and lists all the post categories with filters along the top that are easy to click.

This well-known publication has an excellent mobile design, condensing their content to fit mobile screen dimensions perfectly and ensure that readers on the go are catered to. One of the main things that makes this news publication’s mobile website unique is that their headlines are slightly altered to make the content more easily scannable for those visiting on mobile. The menu in the top left corner of the screen is easy to click on even when viewing on a small screen and lists all the post categories.


The design of the mobile site carries over from the desktop on Evernote, making it clear what the brand does and how you can join to get access to the app. Since users tend to download this app or access the website on multiple devices, getting the mobile experience just right is important. The mobile website is clean and simple, without detracting from the app’s value. There is a clear, centred call to action that is easy to click on.

Whether you’re developing a mobile website or updating your current one, these examples of excellent mobile website design can be great inspiration.

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11 de out. de 2022

As far as i am concerned it is better to contact a website design company first and talk to them about what type of mobile website you are looking for. Once you show them the idea then they will provide you the path to cope up your needs successfully.


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