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What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Link Building?

Link building is the one SEO strategy that is often misunderstood, with a lot of people seeing it as complicated and overwhelming. However, even though it does require some effort, high-quality link building can pay dividends for years when done right. The benefits of link building have been utilised by businesses for years, and it is these benefits that we are going to be focusing on in this article.

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Link Building?

Improving Website Traffic

Everyone wants more traffic on their website. That may be because they are running an ecommerce website, and more traffic means more sales. Some may need more traffic because they have ads running on their website. Whatever the case may be, link building remains one of the best ways to increase traffic to a website.

When link building is done right, businesses increase the number of websites that have a link to their website which in turn translates to more people clicking on this link. The second benefit is that these links improve your website’s authority.

Although there are lots of ranking factors used by search engines like Google, many of them are unknown. SEOs have understood for a long time that Google uses domain and page authority to determine how to rank pages. The more high-quality websites that are linking to your website, the higher your authority is and the higher your pages and website are likely to be ranked on search engine result pages.

Higher Brand Visibility

A common strategy used together with link building is guest posting. When you have a post on a website and the post contains a link to your website, you immediately increase the number of people who become aware of your business and brand. Guest posting works so well because websites are always looking for high-quality content they can show their visitors, and your brand can take advantage of this.

Improved Credibility and Reputation

We all have a few websites that we deem to be an authority on a subject. We trust the content on these websites and so when they link to an outside page or website, we tend to trust that page or website. This phenomenon can be very useful in promoting and increasing the reputation and credibility of your website. It happens when you have lots of websites with lots of credibility and a good reputation link back to your website. This is also the reason why high-quality link building is so important for websites with less credibility and that want to increase it.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Almost everyone who uses social media regularly is exposed to influencer marketing. When you click on an influencer’s profile, you are likely to find links to the websites, products or services they are promoting.

When you have influencers posting links that point to your website, you will have people willing to pay for your products and services coming to your website. This is a great opportunity that can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Whether you do link building yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, there is no doubt that it can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Just ensure your links are posted on relevant, high-quality and credible websites and by reputable parties.

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