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Measuring the Success of Your Link Building Campaigns: Key Metrics to Track

You always want to know that your digital marketing campaigns are working, but this might not be immediately obvious. This is true when it comes to link building, which is a strategy that can have an enormous impact on the success of your business but is hard to gauge the effectiveness of. Link building can improve your online visibility and help you climb SERPs to increase organic traffic, enhance domain authority, improve credibility, and more, so what are the metrics you should be looking at to measure the success of your link-building campaigns? These are the ones you need to be looking at:

Measuring the Success of Your Link Building Campaigns: Key Metrics to Track

New Backlinks Obtained

Obviously, the number of new backlinks obtained is one of the best ways to assess the effectiveness of your link-building efforts. You need to build a strong backlink profile consisting of links from authoritative sources within your niche, so growth in the number of new backlinks is a great sign (as long as they are from credible sources). You can use tools like Moz and SEMrush to track your backlinks.

Referral Traffic From Backlinks

You also want traffic to come from these backlinks, which is why you need to track the referral track from your backlinks. When you are getting high referral traffic, it indicates that your links are on the right site and that your content is engaging. You can use Google Analytics to track your referral traffic statistics. 

Keyword Rankings

The changes in the ranking of your targeted keywords will also be a clear indicator of the success of your link-building efforts. You will want to focus on acquiring backlinks from reputable publishers, optimising your anchor text, and analysing competitor link profiles to boost your keyword rankings. You can also use tools like Google Search Console to track the performance of your targeted keywords. 

Domain Authority (DA) / Domain Rating (DR)

A great way to assess the overall strength of your website is with Domain Authority (DA) from Moz and/or Domain Rating (DR) from Ahrefs. DA and DR are both heavily used metrics in the world of digital marketing, offering a score of 1 to 100 using various factors to establish a score, such as quantity and quality of incoming links and roots domain. Improvements in your score will clearly indicate your campaigns are working. 

Referring Domains

Referring domains is another metric to keep a close eye on. Backlinks refer to the total number of links from external sites while referring domains indicate the number of unique websites that link to your website. Having a wide range of referring domains is ideal as this indicates to search engines that your content is high-quality, trusted, and widely referenced. 

These are a few of the main metrics that you should keep a close eye on, but there are others too. Link building is critical to success in today’s internet-driven marketplace, but assessing the effectiveness of your hard work can be challenging. By closely monitoring these metrics, you can measure the success of your campaigns and discover what is working and what is not.

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