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Local SEO Strategies For UK & Global Small Businesses

UK small businesses and global small businesses must make sure that they use local SEO strategies to improve their visibility online. It can be highly competitive on search engines, and many small businesses struggle to make their presence felt. This does not have to be your experience when you use local SEO, though, which will help you engage your target audience in specific locations and improve your visibility online. Interested? Read on to discover the local SEO strategies that can help UK and global small businesses thrive online.

Local SEO Strategies

Set Up Google My Business

UK small businesses and global small businesses can benefit greatly from setting up their Google My Business listing. You should have detailed and accurate information about your business, including location, opening hours, contact info, and reviews. This will be useful for local users and local search optimisation. 

Use Local Keywords

An important step in local search optimisation is identifying and using local keywords. To improve your search engine ranking, you need to use the regional words and phrases used by your target audience. This is why keyword research is a critical step so that you can find the best words and phrases to enrich your content with. 

Create Local Content

Speaking of content, you need to create high-quality local content that will engage your target audience online. Geographic targeting is a key technique that involves creating content for users based on their location, so you should consider the kind of content your target audience would find useful. This could include content that tackles local issues, local news, event coverage, and anything else that will help attract local traffic and encourage engagement. Additionally, make sure the content uses the right spelling, phrases, and relevant statistics for the area you are targeting. 

Obtain Local Backlinks

Building a backlink profile is a critical part of SEO that can massively impact your SERP ranking. For local SEO, you need to obtain backlinks from authoritative local publishers. This can include local news websites, businesses and non-profits, bloggers, and social media influencers. You want to build relationships with these local publishers to acquire local backlinks to boost your local search optimization efforts. This can also be helpful for raising your profile in the area and improving your brand reputation. You should nurture these relationships over time so that you can benefit from a long-term relationship and provide a regular stream of content to improve your backlink profile.

Implement Schema Markup

Another way to improve your visibility in local search results is to implement schema markup on your website. Essentially, this is providing search engines with key information about your website, including address, phone number, opening hours, etc. 

It can be challenging for UK small businesses and global small businesses to create a strong presence on SERPs, especially when competing with household name brands. Local SEO is a great way to boost your visibility in local search results, which should help you become more competitive online and engage your target audience. 

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