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Business Podcast Mistakes To Avoid In 2024

We recently explored the reasons why you should start a business podcast in 2024, so hopefully, this will be in many of your plans! There are several benefits to starting a business podcast in the new year, but you should be aware of a few common mistakes people make when starting a business podcast. Running a podcast is only worthwhile if people are listening, so you want to make sure that your podcast is engaging and will keep people coming back for more. Keep reading to learn about the key mistakes to avoid. 

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First, you should avoid inconsistency. You cannot expect to build a loyal following for your podcast if you only post new episodes sporadically. Therefore, you should establish a consistent schedule so people know what to expect. Crucially, make sure that you have enough engaging content to make it worthwhile, so do not fall into the trap of weekly podcasts!

Lack Of Audience Engagement

The best podcasts are the ones that encourage audience engagement. This will keep people coming back, make the shows more interesting, and help to build strong relationships with listeners. Therefore, you should encourage people to call in, email questions, comment on the episodes, and be responsive. 

Monotone Delivery

Remember that you are only delivering audio to listeners (unless you start a video podcast), which means that you need to ensure that the content delivery is engaging. This means you must avoid a monotone delivery and try to portray emotion. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid having a scripted podcast - this can be intimidating, but it creates a much more human and exciting listening experience. 

Poor Audio Quality

Following this, nothing will put off a listener faster than a low-quality audio recording. You do not have to rent a professional recording studio, but you should use quality recording equipment and record in a quiet space with good acoustics.

No Guests

It can be hard to keep people coming back for each episode if it is the same person or two people talking, even if the content is interesting. This is why bringing in guests is a good idea, which will keep things fresh. Additionally, bringing in key figures and influencers can help to spread the word about your podcast. 

Insufficient Marketing

You could have a highly engaging podcast, but if people are not aware of it, you will struggle to attract listeners. Therefore, you need to make sure that you promote your podcast effectively. Social media is the ideal platform for this, as you can reach a large audience and keep people updated. Posting snippets from the podcast is wise as this gives people an idea of what to expect and what kind of topics are discussed. 

You should create a successful podcast that attracts listeners with each episode by avoiding these mistakes. A business podcast is a great way to engage your target market and demonstrate your expertise, but people tend to make the same mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the podcast. 

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