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10 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

The purpose of upping your brand’s social presence is to increase visitors to your landing page who will purchase from you and promote your brand to their families and social media followers. The foundation for this is Instagram. By creating experiences that are inimitable for your followers, you will boost conversions. Here are ten tips for increasing your Instagram following.

Link building services UK - 10 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

1. Ensure That Your Instagram Account Is Optimised

Optimising your Instagram account is a valuable first step. Make sure your brand identity is captured in your bio and image. You have the opportunity to link your bio to your site. Select recent content to link to instead of simply your homepage to engage audiences better.

2. Instagram Reels

One user of Instagram Reels saw their engagement boosted by 280%. There are ways to adapt it for any product, such as before and after shots or a look behind the scenes. The important driver is to keep the video original and short. This strategy is effective because users get to see these videos from all Instagram accounts using Reel and not only your direct followers.

3. Make First Impressions Count

Try the visual planner for Instagram. Once you have included your photos and videos, see what kind of impression they make. Rearrange, delete, and add until you are satisfied with the result.

4. A Posting Schedule

With 200 million Instagram users, you can cast your net wider by posting several times a day. Don’t forget your original followers. Post according to a regular schedule so that you stay in mind.

5. Instagram Hashtag

A review of more than 18M Instagram feed posts, showed an increase in the reach rate from 24% to 35% in the period of going from one hashtag to thirty. This is a growth of eleven percent that could mean reaching 2.2K additional followers with every post.

Digitally Unique Ltd - Instagram Hashtag - Link building services UK

6. Schedule Posts In Advance

By spending an hour or two to prepare your posts, you can get this done in one sitting. This way, you can make sure of your content before you post. Then all you have to do is use a scheduling tool to have them sent out at appropriate times and rest assured that your followers will not forget you.

Link building services UK - Instagram tips for beginners

7. User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) involves sharing other users’ content that speaks to your brand. For example, if you sell bicycles, you can share images from a company marketing clothes where models pose with a bicycle. This is usually for free and can result in reciprocity. The secret is finding content that reaches your ideal consumer model.

8. Promote Your Instagram Account

Use social media buttons on your website, blogs, and Facebook accounts where you promote your Instagram account. This enables visitors to reach you instantly.

9. Cross-Promote Between Your Accounts

If you place something on Facebook, cross-promote it to your Instagram account using hashtags. Make sure that the content is original on both accounts.

10. Be Clear About Your Goals

There are more valuable signs of your social media success than the number of followers or likes. Plan your strategies to increase brand engagement, improve conversion rates, build trust in your brand, and educate more users on your product by answering questions.

Never forget the value of a strong social media presence to grow your brand.

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תגובה אחת

17 במרץ 2023

Thank you for the good ideas. The Instagram channel is important for an artist who wants to have a successful career. Therefore, be sure to try instagram promotion, which will be an effective tool in popularizing your Instagram channel.


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