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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Link Building Strategy

Looking to develop a reliable link building strategy that can help you push your company through the ranks of the competition and straight to the top? There are many ways to go about that, but no matter which approach you choose, persistence will be the key to your success. That said, here are some tips to get you started on the right track:

10 Tips for a successful link building strategy

1. Spread the word! You’ll want to maximise your exposure by sharing your links on as many high-ranking sites as possible. Quality should be prioritised over quantity here.

2. Make sure your content is up to the job. Hire a professional agency to go over your materials if necessary.

3. Use different types of content, like pictures (infographics can work especially well), videos, and even audio. There are tons of options on that front nowadays, so take advantage of them.

4. Understand your audience. Different groups of people respond to different types of marketing, and it’s important to know what elements you need to focus on for your own specific target audience.

5. Social media marketing can be a great tool to assist your efforts in link building. However, it must be used carefully – relying on the wrong platforms and channels can quickly backfire and reduce the perceived authority of your content. Refer to our first rule above – you should always prioritise quality over quantity, and social media is no exception.

6. Learn about different search engines in depth. You don’t have to become a technical expert but understanding how different engines produce and prioritise their results can go a long way in building a good strategy.

7. Hit popular keywords – for example, lists related to the current year are always going to rank a bit better, especially if you can provide some more valuable information.

8. Reddit is still huge. The platform deserves its own mention separate from traditional social media due to the way it works and the community it attracts. Reddit users are a peculiar bunch, but if you can align your marketing to their expectations, this can produce some great results. What we said above about the potential of backfiring is just as valid here though.

9. Use advanced tools. Machine learning and AI-assisted analytical tools can provide you with some additional insight into the performance of your link building strategy and can help you identify

potential weak spots that must be addressed with a higher priority.

10. Get involved yourself! Post a comment here and there, leverage popular blog posts for your own additional exposure, and generally do everything in your power to boost the visibility of your operations.

Following these tips should provide you with a reliable start into creating the perfect link building strategy. Patience is also going to be needed here – you’ll need some time to figure out what works and what doesn’t, even if you’re utilising advanced analytical tools to assist yourself. Be persistent, keep researching and experimenting with new ideas, and you will eventually find the path to success.

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