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Trending Hashtags In May

At a time when social media remains immensely popular with people of all ages and genders worldwide, brands need to be intelligent when it comes to their social strategy. A big part of this is taking advantage of trending hashtags, which can be incorporated into your content to help you reach a much larger audience, stay relevant, and engage your target audience. So, what are some of the trending hashtags to be aware of in May? As with any month, the trending hashtags in May are a healthy mix of cultural and seasonal trends. This post will look at a few of the biggest hashtags to be aware of this month.

Trending Hashtags In May

#MayDay is always a popular hashtag on the first of May each year, marking the arrival of spring. Spring is a special time, with the days getting longer and the weather improving, so it is an opportunity to celebrate the start of a happier time in the year.

Star Wars Day falls on the 4th of May each year, and this is another hashtag that trends each year. It is a year for Star Wars fans to celebrate their love of the iconic franchise with Star Wars-related social media content, whether this is dressing up as their favourite character, rewatching the films,  or making Star Wars-themed food!

It is easy for us Brits to panic when we see #mothersday trending on social media, but fear not, this is in the US! Despite this, #mothersday is always one of the most popular hashtags in May, with people all over the US taking to social media to show their love for their mum (mom!).  

Mental Health Awareness Health Week runs from the 13th to the 19th of May. It is an annual campaign designed to encourage people to talk about their mental health. Social media can be a powerful tool for this by allowing people to share their experiences and thoughts with the world. 

Fish and chips is one of the UK’s most beloved dishes, and it is celebrated on the 27th of May each year. This is always a day when social media is flooded with pictures of people’s takeaways, inevitably sparking the passionate debate of what the best sauce is!

One of the biggest trends on social media (particularly TikTok) in recent months has been HopeCore. As the name suggests, this involves posting any kind of content that gives people hope, whether this is motivational quotes, advice shared from therapy, nature photos, or videos of acts of kindness. This is a trend that has risen in recent months to combat the upsetting and negative events happening around the globe. 

These are a few of the trending hashtags to be aware of this month. Incorporating these into your social strategy is smart and should help you reach a much wider audience, become a part of the social media community, and encourage engagement online.

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