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Link Building 2023 - 10 Ways to Build Links Using Social Media

Link building has long been one of the most popular and effective methods of marketing online, although it can be a meticulous and often difficult process when it comes to getting results from it. With social media growing massively as a popular way for people to stay connected online, many marketers will use it to build more links.

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Add Profile Links

If you are like most people, then chances are that you have a social media account on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are a blogger or business owner, then you will likely want to find ways to get more people to visit your blog or website. An ideal way to do this is to create social media links for your blog post or website. First, choose which social network you want to create links for. The most popular options are usually the most effective, but if your target audience is active on a less popular social media site, this can work well too.

Use Engagement to Increase Ranking

Unlike websites, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will offer a more comprehensive way of interacting with one another. People can react, comment, or share your content using their business or personal social media profiles. A link back to your website can be shared through the various types of engagement on social media, allowing you to attract more traffic to your site.

Find Niche Bloggers

Social media has many more uses other than simply personal communication with friends and family. There are lots of businesses that use social media mainly or exclusively for advertising and selling, and many bloggers will use social platforms to advertise their blog websites.

Share and Link Content

If you’re not posting good content that people are interested in reading, engaging with, and sharing, then you’re going to struggle to get good backlinks. You can use social media platforms to produce interesting, engaging content, share on social media, and use this to link back to your website.

Improve Brand Exposure

When you consider the fact that most people will use several different social media platforms, you can’t deny just how effective it can be for improving brand exposure. With a huge audience pool of customers, company owners, and bloggers who might be interested in working with your brand, it offers a higher chance of getting noticed – and linked to.

Build a Network

Digitally Unique Ltd Social link building services UK

Another excellent feature of using social media for building links is that it allows you to build a network. The fact that there are so many users present on social media platforms today means that you can easily take advantage of this to not only find customers or clients, but also potential professional networks, employees, business partners, and more.

Perform Outreach

You can use social media to find other companies or bloggers that are relevant to, but not in direct competition with, your brand, and use the platforms to add them to your network and build a relationship to them. This can be an ideal way to perform backlink outreach and build a stronger brand.

Write Articles

Some social networks, like LinkedIn, allow you to write and publish articles about any topic. It’s definitely worth taking the time to write relevant, interesting content, and place a link back to your website in your author bio. Focus on making sure that the article you write is informative and compelling enough for readers to head to your site to learn more.

Facebook Comments

Digitally Unique Ltd - Facebook and social link building services UK

If you have a business profile on Facebook and often get comments on your posts asking for more information from your followers, then you can use this to your advantage. Include a link to an FAQ page on your website that followers can click through to and find out more.

Use Q&A Sites

Don’t forget that social media is not just limited to the big ones that we all know and love like Instagram and Facebook. Question and answer sites, like Quora for example, are a form of social media that is becoming increasingly popular. Along with this, Google will often favour these sites when it comes to rankings. Taking the time to find relevant questions you can answer, and placing a link back to your website in the resources, is another great way to get seen and build brand visibility online.

With billions of people around the world today using multiple social media channels, it is worth taking advantage of social media to build more backlinks to your business website.

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