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Why You Should Update Your Content In The New Year

With 2024 fast approaching, it is an excellent time to start making marketing plans for the new year. There are all kinds of positive things that you can do at the start of the new year to boost your visibility online, including updating your content. It might not be exciting or glamorous, but updating pre-existing content can make a big difference to your visibility online. Keep reading to discover why this could significantly impact your marketing efforts in the new year.

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Improve Visibility

First, updating your content is a smart way to improve online visibility. Google and other search engines favour fresh content, so updating your content can improve your search engine ranking. This is why you will usually see Wikipedia appear near the top - it is constantly being updated. You can also use niche edits to increase organic traffic and mix up your link-building campaigns.

Attract More Traffic

When using a search engine, do you find yourself avoiding content that is more than a few years old? People will typically seek out the latest content, so updating your content should help to increase traffic to your website. Old content that is not updated will generally lose traffic over time, so updating is essential for maintaining and improving website traffic.

Improve Relevancy

Of course, updating existing content allows you to improve relevancy. The world is constantly changing, and practically every industry has changed significantly since the pandemic. Updating your content enables you to make your content relevant and valuable for your target market. You do not want to provide dated and inaccurate information - this could harm your reputation.

More Efficient Than Creating New Content

Do you struggle to constantly come up with new content ideas? It can be challenging to generate new ideas and time-consuming to create high-quality content, but this is not an issue with updating content. You do not need to develop new ideas and can simply make a few tweaks to freshen articles up. This will deliver results, but it will also save you and your team time and energy.

How Often Should I Update?

How often you update your content will vary based on a few factors. You should consider each individual piece, and any changes that that would negatively impact the content. For example, some content could become inaccurate or dated after a few months, while some posts will always be relevant - this is why monitoring performance is vital. By updating your content in January, you will benefit from having it tagged with a 2024 date - this should increase traffic over the course of the year as it will be viewed as fresh.

Updating your content is wise and can improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic to your website. It can also be much easier than developing new ideas and creating high-quality content! The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to update your content and should get your marketing efforts off to a flying start in 2024!

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