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What Is Google Shopping and How Does It Work?

If you are an e-commerce business, you are probably advertising via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and whilst these are fantastic platforms to create brand awareness, sometimes the consumer intent of the audience isn’t clear.

For example, if someone is browsing around Facebook and happens upon your post, it may be because they have been shopping around for this item and Facebook has recognised them as someone who could have an interest in your products. On the other hand, they could have just popped onto Facebook on their lunch break for a quick browse and have no buyer intent at all.

With Google Shopping, however, generally, your ads are served to people who are looking to buy at that very moment, and so with this in mind, it is a very powerful platform for E-commerce businesses.

What Is Google Shopping and How Does It Work?

What is Google Shopping Exactly?

Head on over to Google and type a random product into the search engine, for example, ‘boys shoes’ At the top, above your organic search, you will see some products on a carousel that are in boxes. This is your Google shopping feed.

You essentially pay a fee to be included in one of those boxes, and it allows you to not only jump ahead of both paid normal ads for buyer intent keywords, but also organic search listings as well.

What is so Great About Google Shopping?

As well as the aforementioned benefits of jumping to the top of Google, ahead of every other kind of listing, it is also the only platform that allows you to capture an audience with buyer intent.

You can also set your own budget, allowing you to assign as much or as little funds to the campaign as you wish, and choose the keywords you want to show for, as well as the ones you do not.

The platform is so flexible and allows you to create great campaigns that will attract buyers to your products. Google shopping also has some great integrations, so you can take it a step further and have your shopping feed populate automatically if your website is on a platform like Shopify or Big Commerce, for example.

You can get started from your Google ads account, and it also seamlessly interacts with your Google Analytics setup, giving you full control over your ads, and insight as to which are performing best.

From here, you can adjust your marketing budget, giving a larger share of it to your best-performing shopping ads.


Google shopping is a worthwhile platform for most E-commerce type businesses, but there are certain products Google does not allow (usually products associated with weight loss, medications, and sexual content, although this list is not exhaustive), but in general, you should find your ads will be accepted and go live very quickly, which is a very fast route to reaching potential buyers.

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