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What Are The 5 Most Powerful Marketing Tips?

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how you can improve your marketing strategy and get more eyes on your products or services.

Marketing made a huge shift in the last 15 years, from direct mail to email marketing and classified ads to social media ads, but what is working best in 2022 and how can you get the absolute best performance from your campaigns?

In this post, we will discuss the five most powerful marketing tips you can use today, to get the most from your marketing budget!

Digitally Unique Ltd The 5 Most Powerful Marketing Tips

Pixel It!

Ok, so every business is now using Facebook in some way, shape or form.

You have the businesses that use the ‘boost post’ button from time to time, then you have the businesses that simply use the organic social media feed, and then the hardcore advertisers who use ad manager and all the extra features that offers.

What do all of these businesses have in common?

They can ALL benefit from the Facebook pixel.

If you haven’t heard of the Facebook pixel, it is a small piece of code that is inserted into your website, and it tracks how users from Facebook use your website.

This is probably the most powerful tool at your disposal today. Why? Well, even if you’re not using Facebook ads right now, adding them to your site will allow Facebook to get to know the kinds of people that visit your website, so if you ever do decide to boost a post or run a more, it’s going to have a great idea who it should be targeting to get you results, and let’s face it, they want you to get results so you keep paying them to show your ads!

The artificial intelligence at work here is insane!

If you are running ads already, but you don’t yet have the pixel installed, then you’re missing out!

Using this combined with ads manager will allow you to target ads to people who have visited specific pages of your website and therefore create ads that speak directly to them. For example, if someone visits your checkout page, but not your ‘thank you’ page, you know they have abandoned their cart, and you can serve them an ad offering a money-saving code to complete their purchase.

On top of this, the Facebook pixel is now on so many websites that they know the kinds of people that visit your site and what other sites you visit. This allows you to use a feature called a ‘lookalike’ audience.’ This is essentially Facebook doing your targeting for you, based on the kinds of people who have visited similar websites.

It’s an amazing tool that no business should be without!

Track it!

As well as the pixel, there is another way to track your traffic and see what they are doing on your site, and this is using Google Analytics.

Analytics is a fantastic tool because not only is it easy to install and free of charge, it also tracks exactly where your traffic comes from and what it does when it gets there.

With this in mind, you can see which of your pages are performing best, and perhaps work towards promoting those pages more, but on top of this, it’s going to provide insight into which kinds of traffic sources work best for your individual business and where you should concentrate your marketing budget.

Email Rapport

Most companies do some level of email marketing, but very few do it well.

The majority of businesses will throw out an offer from time to time via email, but this is the least productive way of using your email list, which is actually very valuable to you.

You should keep in touch with your audience regularly, and only sparingly offer them products. It sounds counterproductive, but the aim should always be to provide value and build a relationship with your audience base first. Promotions should come later once you have that in place.

Send pieces of content that will be useful to them, or tips / how to guides, anything that is relevant to your business that your audience will enjoy. From there, start to offer the odd promotion on occasion, and ideally make those promotions relevant to the email content.

For example, if you’re a kitchen tools seller, you might offer free recipes every week. One week you have a recipe that requires a mixer, a relevant promotion would be to offer the mixer at a discounted rate.

The best thing about email marketing is it’s very cheap to do in comparison to other advertising methods, and it’s like printing money once you get it right. You know you can simply put out an email and gain some sales!

Digitally Unique Ltd The 5 Most Powerful Marketing Tips Email Campaigns


YouTube is an underrated marketing source, and that is generally because not many businesses utilise it. It’s full of hip youngsters and influencers, but you will notice the channels that focus on real solutions actually get a lot of followers you can then promote to.

You’re also proving value from the moment someone finds you, so YouTube should definitely be part of your marketing plan if you have something to educate on.

For example, a skincare brand may create videos on skincare routines and how to keep your skin looking great, then sell products off the back of that as they gain subscribers.

Beware though, YouTube is a slow burner as a channel takes time to grow, but it’s also free so it’s a no loss situation.

Digitally Unique Ltd The 5 Most Powerful Marketing Tips  YouTube

Back To Basics

This isn’t suitable for every business, but if you are offering services to local businesses such as accountancy or marketing then this is a great tip.

Most companies receive hundreds of marketing emails every month, and most either end up in the spam folder or deleted unopened. However, traditional snail mail is making a comeback because if you write a handwritten letter and send it direct to the person you want the attention of, you are much more likely to get a response than via email, mainly because letters are now only used for official purposes and it gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Those 5 tips should be enough to get you to think about your marketing strategy and where you could be spending your money best to get the very best results!

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