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Social Media Trends To Be Aware Of

Social media remains one of the most essential tools for all businesses in 2023. Social media provides an enormous global platform for brands to engage their target market and can be used as a two-way communication channel. The ways in which businesses and consumers use social media is constantly changing, though, which can make it challenging to know the best ways to utilise these platforms. Social media can cause harm to a business when misused, so it is critical to keep pace with the latest trends. With this in mind, here are a few key trends to be aware of heading into 2024.

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User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a significant trend in 2023 that all businesses will want to leverage. Essentially, this involves social media users creating their own content featuring your brand, such as product reviews and unboxing videos. UGC is highly effective because it helps you to reach new potential customers, build trust, and strengthen customer relationships. Therefore, it is wise to incentivise UGC, such as running contests, starting hashtag campaigns, and offering discounts for users that create their own brand content.


Across all social media channels, reels (short-form videos) are dominating. Many users are creating their own short videos to grow their number of subscribers and capture people’s attention (many have a short attention span these days). Business Insider reports that YouTube Shorts generate 50 billion+ views daily, which is up from 30 billion in 2022. As a business, you want to capitalise on this trend by creating your own short-form videos and/or leveraging influencers to recommend your brand in their video content.

AI Content

2023 is a year that has been dominated by AI. For better or worse, AI is a massive trend right now and is playing a significant role in social media marketing. Many brands are using tools like ChatGPT to generate content, but this content can be easy to detect as it lacks the all-important human touch. AI cannot match human creativity, originality, and emotion, so you should not fall into the trap of using AI tools to create social media content. Instead, you should use the services of digital marketing agencies that specialise in content creation. This will help you to engage your target market and keep people coming back for more.

Sustainability Content

Sustainability is another major talking point in 2023, so it is no surprise that brands are using social media as a platform for highlighting their sustainability efforts and raising awareness. Every brand should be sustainable from an ethical standpoint, but it can also help in terms of improving brand awareness and appealing to eco-conscious consumers. Therefore, creating high-quality sustainability content that demonstrates your commitment to protecting the planet is intelligent.

Currently, these are the social media trends that have dominated in 2023 and will spill over into 2024. As a business, you must commit to staying current with the latest social media trends so that you can adapt your marketing strategies and find the best ways to engage your target market online.

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