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5 Top Content Marketing Tips For Brands & Businesses

Content marketing is a fantastic way to not only create brand awareness around your business but to also get your site ranking in search engines.

Content marketing is essentially the process of creating engaging content such as blog posts, which are then posted on your website and attract people to your website.

This article will explore some of the ways can use content marketing to grow your business.

Share Your Content Far & Wide

Content marketing tips for brands, Digitally Unique Ltd

When you create a piece of content, don’t just put it up on your website and forget about it; utilise your social media channels to get your content out there.

If you post the link to the content on your channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., then there is a higher chance people will see your content and either visit your website or if they like it, share the link on their own social media pages.

When you start to get people sharing your link, it creates a larger audience for you and more prospective customers, but in addition, it is good for long-term search engine rankings. This means one good piece of content now can have a positive impact on your business for months/years to come.

Use Digital PR Strategies

Online sources such as the websites of newspapers are always looking for content and contributors. They have a lot of pages to fill every day and will sometimes look to bloggers or influencers to provide quotes or even articles.

Many journalists will hang out on Twitter and post their needs. Use the hashtags #prrequest and #journorequest to look for opportunities where your content could be featured.

This exposure is invaluable and can often end up creating multiple backlinks from one piece of content.

Repurpose Content

Repurpose Content, content marketing tips, Digitally Unique Ltd

A great way to save time on content creation and get maximum exposure is to repurpose content. This isn’t referring to terrible practices like article spinning, but if you create a YouTube video on a great topic, you can pay an outsourcer to transcribe the video, and then turn it into a blog post.

This gives you two pieces of valuable content, for very little extra work.

Provide Value Up Front

People are more likely to buy from your business if they trust you and have an established relationship with your brand.

So, content marketing is a fantastic way to build some rapport with a potential customer upfront. Providing value by supplying needed information in the post, or even offering a freebie are both fantastic ways to build credibility and make it more likely to turn a viewer into a long-term buyer.

Track Your Channels

Use a tool like Google Analytics to track which of your channels bring the most traffic to your site.

Google Analytics, content marketing tips, Digitally Unique Ltd

This allows you to develop your content marketing strategy around these channels. For example, if you get better quality traffic from YouTube than anywhere else, then it may be worth focusing on video-based content.


Content marketing is a very powerful tool. It gives you a chance to provide value to your potential customer and makes them more likely to convert.


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